1. Internet Download Manager(IDM)

Ok! i am going to show you how internet download manager(the first one) works.  First you need to be connected to internet and then download this software from internetdownloadmanager.com.use the browser(mozila firefox or internet explorer) to download for now.After your download is completed install(place a copy of) the application on your computer by double clicking the setup.once you do this follow the steps:


2. If you are connected to the internet directly(not by server),leave as it is and go to step 6.if not (like in schools,offices or an organization having different proxys and ports like addis ababa university) follow here:

3. Then click on options(at the top middle of the software)

4. Click on proxy tab then click on the filed saying "use https proxy" in all the three field down drop.

5. then write down the proxy and ports on the provided spaces

6.now click on TASKS(at the upper most left corner) and click on "show drop target".You have to see a small rectangular drop zone at the bottom rite corner of your 
computer window.

7. You already finished your setting up your downloader.

8. After this it is simply drag and drop(on to the small rectangular drop zone) the link you get from any website. or you can copy(right click  and  copy) the link and paste it on to the downloader after you click on the button "add url".then click ok.

9. then a box will display showing the url,category and the directory where the file to be downloaded is saved(you can change it at any time to your desired directory).Then click "start download".

10. after competing the downloading process a box will appear showing you the download is compleated.then you will click on whatever you need to do(i.e. if you want to open the document that contains the file(in this case click on "open directory/file") or you may need to open the file directly in that case you will click open).That's it.



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