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Melbourne Stadium

Posted by shewe on Monday, February 21, 2011, In : Discovery Channel 

Production: Build it bigger

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The Victorian government has invested nearly $270 million to create one of the most innovative stadiums ever built - the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium. Melbourne wanted their new stadium to be the crown jewel of their sports district - an icon for the entire city - so they've commissioned the most structurally innovative arena in the southern hemisphere. The stadium will be a living, breathing work of art on the outside, ...
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The Worlds Tallest Hotel

Posted by shewe on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : NAT-GEO: Megastructures 

Production: National Geography

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        Measuring more than 320 metres high and stretching higher than the Eiffel Tower, Dubai's Burj Al Arab is an architectural icon for the 21st Century. Rising out of the sea like a proud ship at sail, the Burj pushes the boundaries of engineering to the limit. How does a bold young design team that has never built anything taller than 16 stories tackle building the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world? To sta...
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