orbitdownloader is the other software we use to download files from internet.It has another feature which  grabs video and music from any web sites which is called GRAB++.Here is how to use it....

1.Download the software from orbitdownloader.com.
2.Install the software on your computer.Then you will get a shortcut on your desktop.Double click to open it. if you didn't see anything,look for a downloader system tray icon at the right side of the taskbar (at the right bottom of your computer screen where time or clock is displayed) and click the icon to open it.
3.Then click on the tab called "preferences" to change the default software settings.
4.If you are connected to internet directly,the software will use your internet explorer proxy setting to connect to internet.But if you are using  different proxies and want to change at any time click on "proxy" and change your proxy(host) and port settings.

5.If you want to change the location(folder) where the downloaded file to be saved,on the "preferences" tab click "location" and browse the folder  where you need to save your downloaded file.
6.To use the grab tool click on "tools" and from the drop down menu click on "Grab++".Then a small text box window displayed. Read and close.Then grab window will be open.There you will get every thing(music,video,flash and others) you played on your browser.If you want only the video, click the tab  says "video" or if you want only music click on "music".After this, it is simply placing a check mark on the grabbed file and click the "download" button (found at the right  bottom of the grab window). Now sit back till it finish.
                                             That's it! 


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