3.Star Downloader

 Star Downloader is a download manager that accelerates your downloads by splitting the files into several parts and downloading them simultaneously. Download speeds are increased further by choosing the fastest mirror sites.
1.First download the software(application) from the main site stardownloader.com and install  it onto your computer.
2.open the application from its desktop shortcut.
3.click "options" to see the software settings.
4.click "folders" to choose the folder where you want to save your downloaded file.
5.then click "proxy/firewall" to set your proxy and port.make sure you write the proxy and   port on both http proxy and ftp proxy field.
 Additional and Usefull!!

-click on the tab called "performance" then set the following
      -"Max no of simul down"- whatever you want(but from 3 upto 5 is preferable)
      -"no of parts" chenge it from the default value 4 to 500 or 1000.when you increase the parts your download speed will also increase.but remember that when you increase the parts number yourcomputer may stack.

-and set 0 for the "Do not split files.." field from its default value 100.this is b/c when the file to be download remains with only 100 kb,this 100 kb will not be splited into small parts.this causes the downloader to take more time to finish downloading.
      -finaly set 3 for the "retry delay(seconds)" tab from its default value 30.this is b/c star downloader works best if you only pause(when the download speed reaches/minimizes to under 10kb) and resume(to regive the downloader its best  downloading speed) downloads.Here you don't have to pause and resume when the downloading file is on combining stage(if you pause & resume at this stage the download starts from the bigining).so when you pause and resume downloads,if you set 3 sec,it automaticaly resumes unfinished tasks.but if you set 30 sec it takes 30 sec  to resume the task.
      -optionaly click the "dialogs" tab and uncheck "download window" to decrease the  stack percentage of your computer(that means your computer may stop working properly in order to display the downloading pop up window ).
      -AFTER THIS simply click the the "Add" tab or the plus()+ sign and copy the download link into it then click ok.wait  the downloader to contact the site and write the size of the file on the displayed window.
                                                                             That's it!!  


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